if there is an afterlife, in which people retain individual consciousnesses, and everyone who’s ever died is there, man is that gonna suck

because then I have to meet all the people I’ve quoted in my essays and argued against and whined about, and Durkheim will be all,

"um excuse me, that thing you wrote, yeah you completely misinterpreted everything that I said in my book and used my words to further your own laughable thesis"

and I’ll be all,

"okay sorry I didn’t know, I couldn’t ask you, you were dead and shit, my bad, I didn’t even want to write that essay anyway so back off"

and it’ll just be really awkward and they’ll be bitter and I’ll have to deal with that for all of eternity.

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    But on the plus side I’ll get to punch Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the face.
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  13. teaanemone said: I would ignore them peoples and just hit on Jeremy Brett ;D it would be very uncomfortable for everyone.
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